Golf Lessons in Blue Springs, MO

Get your golf game in gear with the help of PGA Teaching Professional, Jess Hansen. At the Jess Hansen Golf Academy, you'll work in a safe environment and team atmosphere to hone your skills and learn new ones. Teams of up to six players will work towards a common target, whether it's learning the basics of the game or getting scores in the 80's. With years of experience teaching golf lessons and coaching golfers to excellence, it is Jess Hansen's goal to help you meet yours.

Correcting and Improving

Because Jess knows that golf is more than just a physical game, but also a mental one, Juss Hansen works with students in his golf lessons to improve and correct the following skills.

  • Swing problems
  • Ball striking
  • Grip and grip pressure
  • Concentration
  • Stance
  • And More

No matter your problem or concern, the Jess Hansen Golf Academy can address it thoroughly and provide solutions. 

Jess Hansen uses even the biggest challenges to motivate and unlock the potential of each student in his golf lessons. Using drills and technology, he'll help you tap into skills you never knew you had. 

The Jess Hansen Golf Academy uses video analysis, K-VEST Biofeedback, SAM PuttLab and BalanceLab to help students improve and train.