Why Take Golf Lessons? 

Golf lessons can help even the most experienced golfer improve his or her game. Let Jess Hansen Golf Academy help you achieve your golfing goals with a wide variety of golf lessons, geared toward different age groups and experience levels. From learning how to line up your body to perfecting your swing, PGA of America member Jess Hansen will improve your game in body and mind. 

Video Analysis 

Oftentimes, the key to improvement is being able to see what you're doing wrong from another's perspective. Feel confident in your skills with K-VEST Biofeedback golf lessons, which allow you to instantly view the video of your swing to analyze and improve it. You can easily watch your video on your Apple or Android device with Ubersense.

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Golf Lessons 

At Jess Hansen Golf Academy, we proudly offer the following golf lessons to men, women and juniors: 

  • Club Fitting $90 
  • Junior Golf Lesson $60 
  • Adult Golf Lesson $70 
  • 3-Pak Junior Lessons $165 
  • 3-Pak Adult Lessons $195 
  • 6-Pak Junior Lessons $320 
  • 6-Pak Adult Lessons $355 
  • 18 Hole Playing Lesson $325 

Please note: Adult Lessons are Tuesday through Saturday, by appointment. 

K Vest Practice Session 

  • One K-VEST Sessions $40 
  • Three K-VEST Sessions $99 
  • Six K-VEST Sessions $189 
  • Ten K-VEST Sessions $289 
  • Twenty K-VEST Sessions $469 

Please note: each K-VEST Training session is 30 minutes long. 

Playing Lessons 

  •  9 Hole Playing Lesson $190 
  • 18 Hole Playing Lesson $325 

For more information about our golf lessons, please visit jesshansen.golfcoachingsystem.com and to schedule a lesson, click here.